November in Sweden is always a tough month for motivation. Add to that the added challenges of remote work and tough COVID restrictions, and we really needed to find a way to connect and have fun.
Welcome to Jayway’s first ‘Bäst i Test’ challenge.

‘Bäst i Test’ is the Swedish…

Week 3 was the final week of November, and the week we most appreciated the boost of seeing people’s challenges come in.

Task #13 Weekend challenge: Score a goal. Best goal wins. Bonus points for the best goal celebration.

This was the peak of the competition and the entries were incredible! Commitment from animals, children, family, braving the freezing weather in ridiculous outfits, assembling IKEA furniture and…

Week 2 got very competitive, with a lot of video submissions that took the tasks to the next level. A grey a rainy week in mid-November, the entries really boosted our spirits and wowed us with how creative Jaywayers are!

Task #7 Weekend challenge: “Create the best domino effect/chain reaction. Most engaging to watch wins.”

We set this task thinking about Rube Goldberg machines, and…

It’s November in Scandinavia, which combined with COVID restrictions means a lot of gloomy grey days working remote. So what better way to lift the spirits of Jayway than to get people to play a game based on an obscure TV show no one has seen?

Welcome to Jayway’s ‘Bäst…

50/50 gender representation, fair play, value-driven work and lifelong participation. How did we build the new LUGI water polo club to reflect the 2025 vision of the Swedish swimming federation? Part 1: 50/50 gender representation.

When I joined LUGI in 2015, I was one of 4 women in the club… Anastasia (aged 9), Amalia (age 14), Antonia was the only senior female player and Tove coached the under 12s. …

I am a serial community builder. Ask anyone who knows me — I’m happiest when I’m gathering and connecting people. I’ve been asked a couple of times about the communities I’ve helped build, and why I built them. And it always comes back to the same reason — what I…

I have been running Studio Hallonet for one year now. A team of creative geniuses (aka. developers, designers, agile leads) solving problems and building products.

The best piece of advice I got from the studio lead before me was

“Find smart people and let them do what they’re good at.”

Chloe Nauta

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